Saturday, 17 June 2017

I Will Teach A Man That Is Not Good In Bed: "Miss Pepeiye" Drops Bombshell

The issue of the inability to satisfy your partner se*ually is one issue that has really been controversial all these years as everyone seems to have their own opinion on the issue.
Some married folks say they don't mind while some are of the opinion that poor s*x is a NO for them and prefer to seek someone who can do it better outside.
Nollywood actress,Bolatito Sowunmi who is popularly known as Miss Pepeiye in the Tv series ‘Papa Ajasco and company' is not left out in the action.
The actress has in a latest interview has talked about her career and relationship and how far she has gone with her journey in the entertainment industry despite her exit from the Tv show.She highlighted that she has been off the screens for a while but still belongs to Nollywood.
The actress when asked about her relationship gave a stunning revelation as she admitted she can't date a man that is not good in bed.
This revelation of her's has really raised eyebrows cause one can't help but wonder if that's all there is in a relationship.
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