Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ini Edo Asks God For Children

Nollywood actress Ini Edo took to her social media to ask for what we may all see as the most bizarre and almost impossible to happen.
The actress uploaded a photo and penned "Father bless me with children" and this post has raised eyebrows as we wonder how the children are going to come forth without a man.
Recall that the actress' marriage was said to have crashed sometime ago when it was rumoured that the actress was going through domestic violence from her husband because she is cheating on him which even led to the bride price been refunded to the groom's family more especially because she did not bear a child for the man during the 6years of their union.
It came as a shocker as we got the news that the actress' marriage had ended as it got people wondering what could have been the main reason for the split.
Ini even went ahead in defence that she never cheated but it was out of some "unreconcilable differences".
But here we see Ini Edo asking to be blessed with children,could there be a mystery man somewhere we don't know of?
Time shall tell....

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